Week 4


In Class

  • Example of what we’re going to do today
  • Basic Prototyping in Sketch (Hot spots, links, and previewing your work in Sketch Mirror) Notes
  • Tutorial Sketch File
  • Work on your Transaction exercise in class. Get your prototypes together and complete them by having them in Sketch Cloud. Please make them cyclical (i.e the last page should bring me back to the first page)
  • Get in pairs and have your partner test out your Transaction project. Answer the questions on the last page of the tutorial notes in a google doc (one for both of you is fine)
  • I will come around to see your work and assist


  • Finish Transactions if you didn’t in class. Make adjustments based on your peer review, finish the questions and submit it on this google doc.
  • Listen to or read this podcast and come prepared with a discussion question.
  • Begin thinking about the midterm, Helpful App. Come to class with 3 DISTINCT concepts for the project. So…it can’t be 3 versions of an app that reminds you when to feed your dog. Please have either a google slide or an InVision with 9 pages, 3 pages per idea, that introduce your concept with research, images, and ideas. Format it as Slide 1: Concept title and sentence explaining it and why it should exist. Slide 2: Releveant research. Could be similar apps, could be apps that have a similar functionality, could be design references, could be photos of why you’re making this app and why it needs to exist… Slide 3: Design inspiration and references.
Artboard 5
Artboard 1