Week 7


In Class

  • Save your work on the drive in a folder with your name
  • Students get in pairs. Your partner is your discussion leader.
  • Present work from last week. Your partner will lead the critique. Example questions:
    • Which is the most succesful direction? Why?
    • Which is the clearest direction?
    • In one word, how would you describe each direction?
    • What direction has the most potential to produce unexpected results?
    • How would you push your favorite direction forward? What could help refine this idea?
    • Which of the directions feels different from what exists?
    • Which of the designs is most believable at the moment? Least believable?
    • Does the design match the integrity of the concept?


  1. Helpful App: Based on the critique from today’s class, pick one direction and begin developing it.
    • Create wireframes for the main pages
    • Begin designing off of the wireframes.
    • Come to class next week with the main pages fleshed out. We will have individual meetings and a work period.
Artboard 5
Artboard 1