Helpful App


  1. Create a mobile application that’s meant to assist you in some way. Perhaps it’s a tool to help you remember your groceries, or maybe it’s an app that helps you remember your friend’s birthdays, or maybe it’s an app that reminds you to go to bed at the same time everyday. Consider what would be helpful to an audience larger than just yourself. Feel free to be creative and explore less literal interpretations, and try to think of something that doesn’t already exist. If you do something that already exists, you’ll need to think about how yours is different and better. Tip: I don’t think we need any more food ordering apps or restaurant review apps.
  2. Both building and websites rely on having a clear structure so that users can access them. Considering the Duck Vs. Decorated Shed reading, how can you make something memorable, intelligent and usable? How can you land on a look and feel for your app that feels appropriate and not excessive? Can your app exist without any decoration? You should be able to have clear reasons for all design decisions introduced to your application.
  3. We’ll start with creating wireframes and a user flow for all the pages you’ll need
  4. Once you’ve decided on your idea, investigate what the app should look like. Research examples of similar apps (they don’t have to have the same purpose, but perhaps they have a similar user flow). Create an overview of what your design inspiration is. Do you need photography for your app? What about illustrations? Create an art direction list of all the assets you’ll need to communicate your vision. Create three different iterations of a few main pages.
  5. Decide on your execution and finalize the design. Create a functioning prototype for it.
  6. Create a short, branded PDF that explains your project in a memorable, concise, and visual way. Imagine that this is the deck you would show to an investor who wants to help you make your project a reality.


11/06 with guest critic TBD. You’ll present your final prototype and your presentation.